Feature Request - Enable DS3231 RTC

I have looked through the forum and did not see anything mentioning a real time clock nor the DS3231.

I have the Raspberry Pi 4B running my info-beamer. Like all other RPi4B I have, I installed the Real-Time Clock (RTC) Module DS3231 on it. I have been trying to configure this to use it; but it seems we do not have access to make the changes needed to do so. With this in mind, I am submitting a Feature Request to have info-beamer give us an option to enable a RTC Module should be purchase and use one. This way the RPi can keep time even over reboots. Below are links to the RTC modules I purchased and the instruction page I use for my other RPi4Bs.

From what it looks like, it would be possible for info-beamer to add a box in their configuration section that would then run a script on the device to configure the RPi like the instructions say.
Thank you.


Using the RTC Module on the Raspberry

It seems it is compatible with the ds1307. Adding


to /config/userconfig.txt might work.

Thank you it did work. I also will admit, that after I submitted this I stumbled on to the support page I was looking for that showed it was already supported {takes foot out of mouth}. Thus, thank you for fulfilling my Feature Request before I needed it. :slight_smile:
Great job!

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