Fullscreen Browser: Dual Screen (Raspberry Pi 4)

I’ve been trying to get the Full Screen Browser to extend over 2 screens on a Raspberry Pi 4 B, but can’t get it to work. It always reverts to using the first screen only, no matter my device settings.

Can I change the configuration of this package somehow?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately it’s currently not possible to stretch the browser across multiple displays. The browser will always show on the output labeled HDMI0.

Thanks! Can I customize the package to achieve this? I could imagine starting the X server with different parameters might be a way to do it?

In theory yes, but I guess it would be way more complicated than just adding a parameter. The X server included in the browser package is the Raspbian stretch version. I’m pretty sure it just uses the framebuffer to render. AFAIK that won’t work with dual display. I didn’t look into how this works on buster, but I would guess the X server uses DRM/Mesa now. Upgrading all that (while still maintaining compatibility with previous Pi revisions) isn’t easy :frowning: