Fullscreen Browser: longer durations possible?

Hello everyone! I have a question regarding the Fullscreen Browser package: We would like to use it to display a dashboard (so only a single URL is shown in this setup). However, as it appears, the maximum duration for displaying a single page is 10 minutes. After that interval, the page refreshes.

This particular dashboard, however, takes a rather long time to load (up to 2 minutes), so having it refresh so often is not ideal. We would rather choose a larger time interval, e.g. 30 minutes or 1 hour. Is it possible to set a larger time interval somehow? The UI does not seem to allow that.

Thank you, and best regards

I’ve added 20 and 30 minutes (just click on Check for updates on the package page to import the update in your account), although I wouldn’t recommend using these settings as a failed initial page load then will wait for that long until it is retried again. Right now there’s no error detection, so you might end up with a blank screen for 30 minutes in the worst case. With a shorter durations, these temporary problems fix themselves quicker.

With regards to the long initial rendering times: You can try to set a difference performance mode for your Pi. If you visit its device page, click on Edit in the configuration section and switch performance from “Power Save” to “On Demand” or “Performance”. Can you give that a try and see if that makes a difference? I would expect it to be rather noticable.


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Thank you for the reply and for adding the new options!

I have now set my device to Performance mode - thanks for pointing out that this is possible! The page load time is indeed significantly better, it went from over 1 minute to roughly 30 seconds.

We are currently setting up our digital signage and testing all aspects, and we will determine a good balance for page refresh frequency that works for our case. I understand your comment about failed page loads and we will keep an eye on that, but with the still rather long loading time, we might opt for a longer duration.

Again, thanks a lot!