Fullscreenbrowser URL from Google doesnt work anymore


We did show up an google.datastudio link for years. Suddenly from 1st september 2022 it doesnt work anymore.
The Lower part doesnt get shown - only the title bar.

Does anyone know this problem and what to do?

Please update your browser package by clicking the „check for updates“ button on that package‘s page. Let me know if that solves the issue.

thank you - i tried this before - it didn’t solve the issue.

Is your package version now 101? After updating the package, it might take a moment until the update is synced to the device.

No, my Version is 86.
Screenshot 2022-09-05 at 13-08-12 Fullscreen Browser package - info-beamer

Can i fix it? Check and Update:

Update successful
You are already using the latest version

Oh. Right. My bad. The version number hasn’t been updated yet. But your package should now be 365MB in size. Is that the case? You can see that in the package list.

yes that’s right: 365.6 MB

Do i have to do anything else than online. I didn’t updated anything on SD Card.

Can you bring the device back online? I can take a look at why the update isn’t working for you.

Device is online again - normal websites work - its just google.datastudio that doesnt work.

actualy it does work now!

thank you for your help!

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Glad to hear. I assume it just took a while to sync the updated package files to your device.