Getting rid of "developer/advanced" mode

If you’ve logged into since yesterday you might or might not have noticed a small difference on how the UI is presented. Previously there was a setting labels [x] enabled advanced/developer mode on the account page. This is now gone and all accounts now behave identical.

The way certain features were presented previously differed between the default mode for new users and the advanced mode. Sometimes more actions were available or more information was shown on different configuration pages. The reason for this change is that this made guiding and supporting users more complicated than it had to be as you always have to know which mode they’re in. Now the interface is identical for all users and if you have to support another user you’ll know exactly how there interface works.

Previously the guided tour for new users was also coupled with the advanced mode. This tour is still available and enabled for new users but now has its own setting on the account page. The tour is disabled for all users that previously selected the advanced mode. For those users nothing really changes. New users and those that did not yet enabled advanced mode will now see the complete user interface.

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