Gui Devices list to show IP address

Could it be possible to show the Devices IP on the main Device list page within the GUI
This would help when alocating static address


I’m trying to understand the use case for that: If you see the devices on the devices page, they already have a working IP address. Why would you need to then set a static one? If it’s to statically assign the same IP through DHCP each time, your DHCP server should have the current assignments in it’s leases databse with a proper device name like info-beamer-$SERIAL with $SERIAL being the device serial number.

Right now the service doesn’t know the internal IP address of each device. They are only requested if you visit a device page. So this information isn’t readily available for showing it on the device list page. Only the externally visible device IP is available. Thanks to NAT, this usually isn’t the internal IP, so it’s probably not what you need. Regardless, the following command will give you a list of device ID -> external IP:

curl -u:$API_KEY | jq '.devices[]|{,}'