H265 files on Grid player seem to have playback issues on Pi 4

I’m encoding video files for the grid Player in H265 3840x720x60fps and they seem to have issues with higher bit rates… The weird resolution is to spread the video across 3 x 1920x1080 screens side by side to keep the 5.333 to 1 ratio.

Is there a recommended Bitrate for H265 on Raspberry Pi 4 that isn’t going to overload the hardware decoder on the PI 4?

So update… I’ve noticed its new HEVC files I’ve recently created (using the same exact steps as previous working HEVC 3x wide screen video files for the Grid Player) are the issue. They were encoded with 2000k bitrate (give or take) with VideoProc Mac. When they go to play on my 3 x screen wall, they actually output some of the video and then a lot of artifacting. They will usually cause the Pi 4s to reboot because the video stream is so garbled.

Is it possible that whatever post processing You guys (Info-Beamer) use on the back end to split up my single file from an ultra-wide video file into 3 separate files which each of the Pi 4’s get for their respective TV is causing this? IE some sort of software bug on your end that is garbling the final broken up files that the Pi 4’s actually play?

Actually no such processing takes place anywhere. Each Pi plays the unmodified full video and crops its part. So that’s unfortunately not it. Speaking of: Would splitting up the single video into three parts be an option? If so, each part could use H264 instead of H265. The former is a basically 100% reliable.

Thanks for the feedback… I believe I have found the culprit. Updated VideoProc transcoder on Mac apparently has changed its back-end libraries for HVEC. I actually switched to the latest Hand-Brake and use the Standard H.265 (VideoToolbox) Video encoder library with a 2-pass bitrate of 2500 kbps constant frame rate and actually the file that output was reasonable in size (~ 10 MB for 30 seconds with resolution 3840x720) and worked just fine (playback fine and no rebooting Pi4).

Thanks again for helping in the Forums.

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