Help! no touch/mouse on info-beamer standalone


we are running info-beamer standalone (licensed). Until yesterday everything worked fine. We could test our node that uses touch/mouse without any problems. Today after booting the Raspberry we cannot use touch or mouse anymore. No event is sent to the node.lua. Hardware is exactly the same as yesterday.

The usual logging in the service python script does not print anything in the output log. We run info beamer from bash with LOGLEVEL=3 for development.
Maybe is something related to our Raspbian installation having a read only filesystem?

root@raspberrypi(ro):~# lsusb 
Bus 001 Device 007: ID 1ff7:0013 CVT Electronics.Co.,Ltd CVTouch Screen (HID)
Bus 001 Device 008: ID 0461:4de2 Primax Electronics, Ltd 

first is touch screen, second is standard cabled mouse.

What can we check to discover why service is not called (or does not work)? Any idea?
Who is starting the python service and this time does not start it?

Help :slight_smile: thanks

Nothing is starting service on a standalone installation. You’ll have to set that up. In the hosted environment, the OS is doing that for you.

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Ok many thanks. I’m setting up a virtual env.
Which version of python do you suggest?

info-beamer still uses 2.7 (yeah, I know). So probably that one if you want to use the same service script.

We have plenty of robust services running on embedded devices with python 2.7 so… no need to be ashamed. :slight_smile:

Ok what I have done is

sudo su -
apt-get install python-pip
pip install virtualenv
cd /home/pi
virtualenv venv
. venv/bin/activate
pip install evdev pyinotify requests

now I’m guessing… cd to our node directory
cd /home/pi/node

setup a required env
export NODE=root

and run service (using virtualenv activated)
python service

it kinda work (at least I have some event logging).

That looks good to me.

btw, we started our node from your Touch UI experiments. This is the piece of information missing.

Any idea on why the above service works, but nothing is received by the util.data_mapper(... input handler in the node.lua file? this line


maybe node was initialized the wrong way? now it’s

    node = NODE = Node(os.environ['NODE'])
    # so node = Node('root')


I think there should be a log line generated by the when you send something. Here’s the responsible code: Do you see that in your Python output?

If so, you can also run info-beamer with INFOBEAMER_LOG_LEVEL=4 to see received UDP packets.

Or you can use netcat. Kill info-beamer, run netcat -l -u -p 4444 to see if packets are sent.

Oh. I just realized: The root depends on how your info-beamer directory is called. In the hosted environment, the info-beamer directory is at /space/root, so the top-level node is named root. If you put your code in /home/node or whatever, it ends up as node in that example and your service sends to the wrong target.

Yes that was it!
Thanks for the great work as always.

so we have to run

export NODE=node   # "node" the name of our directory holding the node, can be anything you decide
cd /home/pi
. venv/bin/activate
cd /home/pi/node
python service

and it works!! Now we will wrap this up as a service!