Hidden SSID WiFi Networks

Hi, can I use hidden WiFi networks when running info-beamer on Pi Zero W’s?

Will the wifi_ui option still function or will it require the wifi access details to be added to the sd card/config files?

I don’t think the default method of scanning for WiFi networks would show those. So you’ll have to use the SD card/config file method.

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OK, one location that I’m due to install some Pi’s in has suggested using a hidden SSID.
I’ll have to explain that it would be easier for us to just use a normal WiFi SSID/password for setting up the devices, as I found it easier to take multiple sd cards all preconfigured with the same content and use the Wifi_ui method.

We buy the Pi Zero W"s in kits, which contains everything we need and only takes a minute to open the bag, insert the sd card and assemble the case, and they arrive all neatly sealed in bags so nothing gets lost.

It they hide their network for any kind of security reason, that’s all rather pointless. It’s easy with the right tools to discover those. Just set a proper password on your non-hidden network and you’re good.

What if the SSID was hidden after the setup had been done, would the Pi continue to connect to the wifi network?

The plan now is that we will be provided with the WiFi access details beforehand.

So if I download a customised download package and enter the WiFi details, can I still add a wifi_ui file to the SD card, so that if the WiFi was ever changed or unavailable it would be possible to reboot and then reconfigure the wifi with a new SSID/Password?

I’ve been working with Info-Beaner on RPi Zero and WiFi quite a bit lately.
The answer to both of your questions is: Yes.

From the documentation on the wifi_ui option: “Once configured the temporary configuration WiFi network will be active in the first 10 minutes of uptime, if the device can’t associate to the configured WiFi network within 60-80 seconds.

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Essentially what @Wassini said. With regards to the hidden WiFi:

It would. A hidden WiFi just doesn’t broadcast its SSID. If a specific SSID is set, it doesn’t really matter if its hidden or not.

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That’s perfect.

I thought that would be the case for both questions, but as I haven’t actually tried I wanted to be certain :slight_smile: