Home DIY - 7 screen videowall feature

A few years ago, I mounted a few screens and frames on a big, empty white wall in our home. They were each hooked up to raspberry pi’s running a super basic photo album program.

They worked fine, but I had always something bigger and better :slight_smile:

Here’s the “after” shot - I have a few in-progress I can share, but new users are only able to post one photo…



I should have upgraded you from new user. You should be able to post more photos of that awesome setup! :slight_smile:

Thank you! Here are a few more in progress pics…

The diy digital photo frames as before:

Playing around with different layouts:

First photo:

Getting ready to mount this beast on the wall:

I was able to tidy this up a little better…

And its up!


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Thanks again for posting. I’ve linked to this post from reddit and the question of how you managed to match the colors across screens so well. I guess a lot of tuning?


This is so great. May I ask if you have done this with info-beamer hosted or with the Raspberry version?

I also want to build similar - different shape- for my home, but I do not have the money to afford the monthly licence, just for my personal use. My wife would kill me to spend some 100€ per year.

I got 9 screens very cheap (8€ per screen) old dell monitor. All are still working pretty good.

So I had the hope that you maybe have solved this with the community edition and not the paid one.
Then I would very interested how you did and what lua code I have to choose.

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It’s using info-beamer hosted.

Don’t forget that power most likely isn’t free and if those screens consume ~20W, which I guess isn’t far off, it easily costs 100€/year unless you only run it from time to time.

You can run everything with to private version of info-beamer pi, but then you’ll have to manually create all the configuration files and set up each Raspbian. The complete source code for the magic video wall is here:

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