How to accomplish this task in a simpler way?

Hello !
I have a task to accomplish with a setup I already configured.
The setup is a full screen browser displaying the contents from a URL.
Now the details:
Content configuration is made up of 15 “units” to say so, each one configured to show the same URL for 30 minutes.
So then, all those “units” summed up show the whole open hours the web URL, as it was ininterrupted.
For now, this URL is displayed 15x30 minutes, covering whole opening hours.

The issue, or nut to crack is that boss asked to show one URL for 30 seconds and a second URL for 30 seconds.
That means that for only one minute, I have to configure 2 URL “units.”
For whole day, I will have to set up so many-units…2 for each minute…120 for each hour and so on.

Maybe I am on the wrong path, can anyone point me in the right direction?
Thanks in advance,

Sorry, I kinda answer my own question. There is a scripting.json menu on the setup page, maybe creating a script and upload it .
Now, how to write the script, no experience using JSON.

I’m not entirely sure what exactly you’re trying to accomplish, but maybe setup scheduling can help? You can use this to switch between different setups based on a configurable schedule. If one setups has a playlist of two urls and another one two different urls, you can use this to switch between those. If you use the same package for both setups (for example the browser package), what essentially happens is that only the configuration changes. So it’s as if you have a single setup and apply a new configuration depending on a schedule.

Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing. Let me know any followup questions.