How to put scroller text

I am using the “Scheduler Player”, want to use text scroller. to display my text on screen in scrolling form al the time. Please let me know how do I setup scroller text to be run on top of my existing background image/ images.

You can just enter the text that you want to scroll, add the text scroller plugin as a ‘layer’ on your page and then adjust the size and position.

You can then choose what order the layers are in, and also select the ‘show above other content’ option for that layer.

Correct. Adding to that: You can also create a new layout in the layout tab, add the scroller plugin there and move it below the “Page Cotent”.

Then on the pages you want that scroller, select the layout in the layout dropdown at the bottom of each page. That way you can reuse the same layout on multiple pages without configuring the scroller each time.

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