How to setup login for ftpd

For my project I would like to be able to send files directly to the info-beamer device.
I have a package service running ftpd.
It is accepting connections but Logon is not working.
Is there a way to setup anonymous logon or set a user/pw for ftpd on the info-beamer hosted os?

That’s possible. I guess you’re using the included ftpd? I didn’t use that yet. For a customer project I used instead and wrote a customer authentication code. The big advantage then is that you have complete control over how uploads/downloads are handled and can immediately react to the uploads.

A minimal example can be found here:

For my project I just included the pyftpdlib directory from that repository within my info-beamer node.

Oh. And you can bind to port 2121. The hosted OS has an iptables rule set that forwards 2121➡21 and 8080➡80, so the package service user can bind that port.