I have kept all files from the Zip file and unable to boot the device

I have kept all files from the Zip file to an empty SD card and unable to boot the device.

Have you tried the custom download option.

You can pre-configure wifi etc.

Now, i have managed somehow. But from 1 hour its showing black screen with dots running. (Waiting for storage devise).
I have tried both auto installation and custom setting.

Which Raspberry Pi are you using? Pi3? Or Pi4?

I am using raspberry pi-3. and card is of 8 GB

Odd. That does sound like a pretty standard setup. The waiting for storage device happens when the initial booted system can’t find its SD card. I’m having difficulties imagining a case when that might happen. Just to be sure, this isn’t and SD card in a USB card reader, right?

If nothing helps, can you download the install.img.gz installation file from https://info-beamer.com/download and “burn” that to the SD card using a tool like etcher?

No, this is not SD card with USB card reader. I have inserted SD card directly to the pi devise.

Thank you it worked!. Can you please help on how to put images and Videos from my local file?

You’ll have to register the device with your info-beamer account and upload videos/images using the web dashboard. If you haven’t, I suggest you follow the guided tour that helps you set up content on your first device.

Thank you so much for your quick response. Its working for me now