I used Info-Beamer for the presentation of my final school research project!

Hi everyone!

In The Netherlands, it’s required by law that all high school students do some sort of research project before they are allowed to graduate. In my case, I did a project about Facebook’s new Libra project, made a video essay that uses multiple screens and presented it using Info-Beamer software.

I used 3 separate screens connected to Raspberry Pi’s to show my video essay. One big beamer screen was used to display the main content, one monitor to display additional information with infographics and another smaller monitor to display footnotes and websites of where the information came from.

I used the Video Wall Image/Video Player package to display the content and set it up so the speakers from the beamer were turned on via HDMI.

The presentation played on a loop while another monitor outside of the room showed a countdown of when the presentation would start over again.

All of the cable management was a bit scuffed since I had only 3 hours to set it all up. But the Info-Beamer software itself worked like a charm. After it showed the video once, it was fully synced up with basically no delay. I actually had to convince people the monitors weren’t actually connected to one big machine.

A huge thanks to the Info-Beamer team for giving me a license for the standalone Info-Beamer software. I actually didn’t need to use it after I got a Wi-FI code for the unprotected network of my school, so Info-Beamer hosted worked perfectly even when the network failed later in the presentation night.

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The video itself:
How it looked using the screens:

(Disclaimer on the video, I actually procrastinated making it until 3 days before the actual presentation, so it’s not the greatest thing in the world. But hey, I’m quite happy for what it is because I made 10min of content for 3 screens. Which was challenging, to say the least.)

(Also, extra comment because I could only post 2 links in my topic)

Thanks for sharing the rather unusual use case :slight_smile:

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