IceCast or other internet radio support

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Is there any plugin that would play an internet radio in a background, in parallel to a video for example ?

If not, would there be anybody to explain how to write such a plugin ? Greetings

Nothing available out of the box. Right now info-beamer itself can’t play pure audio streams, so the only way to solve that currently is as a package service. In other words: An external process doing all the streaming and playback. The difficulty with that is that you have to include all the dependencies required for that. Unfortunately not an easy task.

That’s… actually not too bad :slight_smile: Is there any documentation on how to pass parameters and interact with other plugins ? We’ll be interested in estimating how hard would be to build such a package. It basically needs to do whatever media player does (so display images and videos), additionally play an internet radio in background and display radio’s metadata at the bottom of a screen in a scroll.

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Interaction between any package service (so a background process) in most cases works using locally sent UDP packets. So your package service does its job and if it want to send any kind of information to the display code running inside Lua, it’ll send a UDP packet to This will then be picked up by the info-beamer process and delivered as a callback set up by util.data_mapper. Here’s an old blog post describing how that works:

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