Ideas needed for a dynamic news ticker to be added

We experimenting info-beamer for transit media & passenger Information. There are a few features that we would like to develop for this. But we are mainly looking for a simple solution for a dynamic RSS-based news ticker to overlay over screens on current setup.

Ticker content should be editable via RSS feed.

Any idea ?

You can have a look at this package. Click the “Run on info-beamer” button to import it into your account. It supports some RSS feeds and RSS items, if imported, can be added to a scroller. It’s a bit older but is in use by some customers. It’s not as flexible as the newer scheduled player package though and all content is mostly shown in fullscreen mode.

The alternative would be to use the schedule player package and update the ticker using the API.

Or of course to build a completely new package that solves exactly what you’re trying to do.

Thank you for the prompt reply :slight_smile:

Hello again,

Now I have been through the scheduled player and found the ticker plugin. How do I instal this particular plugin as overlay on the default HD Player setup we are using?

That’s not possible unfortunately. You can’t combine packages arbitrarily. There certain exception like the power saver package (See Merging 2 setups). The schedule player package can do almost everything the HD player package, so maybe you can replace your existing setup with one based on the schedule player?

The HD Player easily plays a suite of files in a looped playlist, which serves the purpose very well. However I have the impression that the Scheduled Player cannot do that in one layout. Am I right?

That’s possible and quite easy to do, I hope. When you create a new setup, you’re greeted with a single empty playlist named My first playlist:

You can now fill this playlist with content by adding new Pages to it. If you want you can combine multiple types of content on a single page, like a video on the left and an image on the right side.

If you just want to create pages with a single item (image or video) in fullscreen, there’s an easier way. Click on the Switch to compact editor button. The interface switches and makes it easier to just add fullscreen assets:

On the right hand side you see all your assets and can use the search box to search in them. Filling your playlist is then as easy as drag-and-dropping assets from the right hand side into the empty box on the left. In the playlist you created on the left side you can reorder your items (using drag-and-drop again) or delete them.

If you decide you want to modify a page and add additional content to it, you can switch back the the detailed editor with the Switch to detailed editor button.

Let me know if that helps.

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what i have done is create a page in as this supports feeds and can create a nice layout. then i just use to grab the images and use the API to keep uploading the new image as a asset which is then automatically updated to each setup. would be nice to have a built in rss feed and designer for it in to schedule player

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Thank you very Much… Gonna try that out :slight_smile:

Hi has just closed down. Is there anyway to build this Rss reader into Scheduled Player package?
something like this?

many thanks

Are any of these services of any use?