Import frab data from local file


what is the best way to import Frab conference data from a file that is locally stored on an Info Beamer installation?

Setting up a Frab server just for generating a XML file that is linked via the frab plugin URL setting would be too much overhead for my use case, since I don’t need all the CFP/submission/review functionality from frab.

I’d just like to write the schedule.xml manually (or do you have a recommendation, where one could easily compose and export a schedule?). That would totally suffice. Can I link to a XML file via the Info Beamer Hosted web interface that is stored on the SD card?

Or should I just manipulate the /space/root/frab/schedule.json file and leave the Frab URL field empty?

I’d really appreciate any suggestions!

Kind regards,

Pushing the schedule.xml file isn’t supported by that package. You should have info-beamer pull if from an url, as that’s the only mode officially supported at the moment. A minimal web server would suffice (maybe python -m http.server started in the directory of schedule.xml will work. Is that not an option?

Alright. Thanks for your reply. I just wanted to make sure there is no other way than with a web server. I’ve uploaded my handwritten XML schedule to a Nextcloud-Server and shared it with Info-Beamer via a public link. That also works and is a quick and easy way.