In/out point in a video

A video file we use would be much easier if the player won’t start at the beginning but at a given frame. Some players we used before were able to ‘skip’ to a given point or loop between two points. My programmer says it’s impossible with the raw video :frowning: is it the case? Thanks.

Your programmer is correct. There’s no way to seek within a video at the moment. What would be the use case for that?

well we are using these on commercials, and sometimes the clients change their minds on the set about which part of the graphics to use, or camera angles dictate we start from a later point to make editing possible.

Would it be possible to examine the possibility of enabling this?

thank you

Isnt’ is possible to automated this with ffmpeg? So you cut the video according to what you actually want to play? I think the necessary command line is in another post already.

I’m sorry, you mean to cut the video, upload and play it? there is no time for that on a set. We normally just run the video, pause it, mark the time, and play/loop from there onwards.

Or is there an automation I have not considered?

Yep. That kind of cutting. If you cut on I-Frames, no reencoding is required and cutting is essentially taking byte ranges. So it should be very fast.

Something like this might do the trick. The few seconds this takes could then be saved later when uploading:

ffmpeg -ss 30 -i input_vid.mp4 -t 60 -c copy output_clip.mp4

I still have to upload the new video file, which is a workaround, but not what I’m looking for. I understand its problematic, I’m asking if its possible :slight_smile:

Unfortunately not at the moment. I’m still confused by your use case:

Why not, instead of just marking the time, running ffmpeg similar to above. You basically get a cut file instantly with no new feature required for that. Am I missing something?

yes, our use case is a bit different here.
imagine, we are shooting a commercial. The Pi is playing a 1:30 min video from beginning to end. We shoot a wide shot.
Then we go closer. This time, I need the Pi to play from 20 secs to 45 secs, because thats the covered part.
Now, I can edit the file, save upload it, change my commands so the new file gets played, and that will work, but will take 2-5 mins…

imagine what happens if we have 10 monitors. Sometimes I just dont have the time to do this on 10 machines every time we change angles. So I’d like a way to give a command where I can set in and out in a video. Thats much quicker. I know the long-GOP way of H264 and H265 makes it very difficult…

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