In-Store Radio Package No Audio

Since finding Info Beamer, I have been testing all of our possible use cases. One of which could potentially be the In-Store Radio Package. Unfortunately, I am unable to get any audio to pass through and there does not seem to be any type of indication as to whether or not the url being used is bad or if the asset being used is bad. I tried a few different .mp3 and .aac streams as per the documentation, however cannot get any audio. I thought perhaps the urls I was using may just be bad (However they did work in a desktop PC) As such I uploaded a .mp3 file and set it as the failover. This did not work either.

Is there a confirmed working stream url that was used with this package? I would like to get it working to a certain degree, but am unsure where to go from here.

The In-Store Radio Package is still a bit experimental (It was built for a project that didn’t end up being implemented for now - thanks Corona!), especially if you don’t use one of the DACs mentioned in the documentation. Which output device do you intend to use? HDMI?

Had to look into how this needs to be configured: If you use HDMI output, you need to manually place the file /config/alsa on your SD card. The content of that file must be the string rpi. Right now there’s no UI for that in the configuration dialog.

The In-Store radio package will then use HDMI for audio output. Can you check if that works for you?

I attempted to use the HDMI as I don’t have any DAC to test with at the moment. I didn’t see in the documentation any mention of the onboard analog audio jack. Am I right in assuming this is not supported or does this also require manually adding a config file to the SD Card?

I’ll give those suggestions a go with the HDMI and see how I go.

In theory it would (although I’m not sure which configuration changes would be required), but so far I’ve never tested it, as the quality is rather poor.

Tested and working both with HDMI and Analog. The pi would default to the HDMI for audio if HDMI was connected. Once disconnected it works through analog. I was testing the announcement and set a time for it to play. It didnt, and I noticed its because the pi is set to GMT. When I set it to my timezone and reboot the pi the setup shows my timezone but the pi still shows GMT. Viewing this through the console via the device page. Is there a way to change this?

The output in the Pi terminal is always UTC and there is no way to change this. But that’s not relevant to the code that runs as they all have they own way of handling timezones. In the terminal output you should see a log line every second giving you the time used for handling the overlays. Is that time correct?

I do not see a log line giving the time. I did re-test this and did get it to work at the selected time.

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HI, having the same problem here.

Can I have a sample of the /config/alsa file ?

Sure. This is how it appears.

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