Info-beamer hosted OS 11 released

info-beamer hosted OS 11 is now available

The latest revision of the custom OS powering on all Pis using info-beamer hosted just go updated and is also available for download for new installations.

What has changed

  • Pi4 support including HEVC videos, 4K and dual HDMI output.
  • Pi4 EEPROM flashing support, so the built-in firmware on the Pi4 is up to date.
  • Support for the first iteration of the offline mode feature. This is going to be announced separately later.
  • Support for encrypting the main data partition. Announced separately.
  • Updated the included info-beamer Pi player software to version 1.0.0.
  • Each device now shows its status using the two LEDs.
  • Updated various dependencies to newer versions.
  • Added more configuration options to the WiFi config UI as well as the ability to see basic device information.
  • The Welcome Screen now supports dual display setups.
  • The spare SD card partition is now empty. If you remove the SD card trying to edit the configuration in /config, you’ll only have a single partition now. Previously you might have seen two full installations and it wasn’t clear which one was the correct one.

The info-beamer OS 11 release still supports all Raspberry Pi models all the way back to the original Pi1.

How to update your existing devices

The release will be very slowly rolled out in the next months. Initially only very few devices will be upgraded automatically, probably starting in April. You can check out which version you are running on each device by switching to the OS Version view on the device list.

If you want to manually update you can use the Activate stable channel option in each device’s Manage button. The OS will also be upgraded when editing a device’s configuration using the configuration editor.

While the release has been tested for a while now, we can never test all combinations of displays/power adapters, special network environment or custom packages created by customers. It’s recommended that you update only a few of your devices first to ensure everything works properly. As usual if an upgraded device fails to reconnect back to info-beamer service for any reason, the automatic rollback will revert the upgrade after a few minutes. If you encounter any issues or have questions, don’t hesitate to respond to this post or get in contact with support.

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Known issues for 200228-84ded2

Note: All issues have been fixed (see response below)

  • The snapshot feature returns a garbled output for some screen resolutions. A fix is ready.
  • Installation fails on Pi1, Pi0 & Pi0W. A fix is ready.
    • Workaround 1: Install testing, then switch over to stable
    • Workaround 2: Remove SD card after failed initial installation, unzip again and reboot the Pi. Installation will finish.
  • In some configurations, info-beamer on the Pi4 leaks memory when playing H264 videos. Still investigating why that’s the case.

A new release will be made available on Friday (6.3.2020) and will include all fixes available until then.

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Update 200309-23a1d2 available

  • Supersedes 200228-84ded2 and 200307-f8e0d8.
  • Fixes the three issues mentioned above.
  • All devices using previous stable-0011 version will be upgraded at next reboot automatically.