Issues with Installer

Hello There,

we are currently deploying info-beamer for an event and have encountered some issues with setting up new devices.
the installer boots, then throws lots of errors, the first one being "can’t unmount /sd, device or resource busy’.
we tried different sd cards, different pis, different images (install.img.gz, custom,
the issue does NOT appear when using an older install image.

the issue did only appear on pi1 and pi zero w. a pi3 was successfully installed using the current image.


Do you still have the older If not I can send you a link to the download in a moment.

Can confirm that the installer currently fails on Pi1, Pi0 and Pi0W. Reason is the different handling of the root file system that bugs out when repartitioning the SD card initially. The problem is now fixed in the testing version of the OS that you can download at

A new stable release will be made available tomorrow or on Thursday. Thanks for the report!

There are two workaround available:

  • You use the existing, wait through the error and then power off the Pi and then extract the again on the now empty first partition.
  • Or use the above testing, let it install and then later switch to the stable channel using the device page’s Manage button.

Thank you for the quick response!
we do have an older version available.