Info-beamer-hosted - Use display in portrait - SOLVED

Hi there

I’m starting a new project and would like to use my screens in portrait orientation.
Is there an option to set the display rotation for the output in info-beamer-hosted?

The ways used on a regular raspi setup don’t work for me.


Yes. That’s possible. But it’s not a generic device setting but something that is handled inside the assigned setup. Most of them have an option to rotate.

The Raspbian way display_rotate(?) in /boot/config.txt would probably work as well if you use /config/userconfig.txt instead. But that’s not recommended, as rotating that way is slow. info-beamer instead natively rotates the generated output which results a noticeable improvement if you rotate large videos.

The ability to read manuals helps some times… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Adding display_hdmi_rotate=3 to /config/userconfig.txt did the trick!

Okay, so it would make sense to build my setup and add rotation in my main node to ensure performance if I got you right ?

Exactly. The downside of using display_hdmi_rotate is that the hardware video scaler (HVS) has to do the rotation. I remember that this combined will FullHD video content could result in screen tearing.

If you rotate in the assigned setup, assuming the package installed offers this feature, the rotation is done by directly rotating the video with the help of the hardware video decoder. This is faster and the HVS can just directly copy out “scan lines” to the HDMI output.

I’ll give it a try.
I have to build my own package and for now no video is required, only text and images.

Thank you very much!

In that case, util.screen_transform might be useful. Probably best used like this:

local transform

util.json_watch("config.json", function(config)
    transform = util.screen_transform(config.rotation)

function node.render()
    -- screen is now available from 0,0 to WIDTH,HEIGHT

and then having a rotation value in your node.json configuration like this:

   "title": "Display rotation",
   "ui_width": 4,
   "name": "rotation",
   "type": "select",
   "hint": "Rotate content clockwise?",
   "options": [
       [0, "0"],
       [90, "90"],
       [180, "180"],
       [270, "270"]
   "default": 0
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Awesome, it works perfect Thank you!

Hey Everyone, i have the same Problem as KST Informatik … a 90 Turned Screen.

I try the first Tipp:

Upload data to SD Card
Add Pi to System
Remove SD Card
Add a new file /config/userconfig.txt
Add display_hdmi_rotate=3 in to the new created file
Start the Pi again …

Nothing turns :frowning:

Any idea what i do wrong ?

Do not use display_hdmi_rotate=3! It makes rendering really slow. Most of the packages support rotating their content without this setting. To help you, it would be useful to know which package you intend to use.

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Hey :slight_smile:
Thanks for your Reply i use the Fullscreen Browser whit one single page to load and reload round all minute

May you can explane me a bit more about the Feedback you send in 2019 regarding the two Snippets, where i have to change them ?

I see. The fullscreen browser doesn’t have rotation at the moment, but it might not be too difficult to add.

Those are unrelated to the browser and only useful if you develop your own content for info-beamer.

Hey @infobeamer-fw so i need to use the Raspberry internal turn solution ?

Right now yes, but if you wait until tomorrow, there might be a new release of the fullscreen browser package that includes the option to rotate.

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Hey :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Reply … please keep me up to date :slight_smile:

You can try out the new version of the browser package now. Just go to the package’s page in your account and click on the Check for updates button. The new release adds a rotation options which should work on both older Pis as well as on the Pi4. Feedback welcome.

Hey @infobeamer-fw

Works :slight_smile: Great Job :slight_smile: Thanks a lot