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I would like to buy offline mode for some of my licenses, but I’m wondering how is a offline info-beamer managed?, does it have a cloud access and kind of synch the files?

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You set it up like any other device. So it has to be online for that. Using the device page and its “Offline support status” section you switch the device to the offline plan. This will activate some additional mechanisms on the device: It will for example create redundant copies of cached files, so it can restore them locally if necessary.

If the device remains online, nothing noticeable changes. The device will work as before and you can change the content as usual using the dashboard. The normal pricing applies as well. If you then decide to take the device completely offline, it will continue to work indefinitely and you’ll no longer be billed for it once it has been offline for two weeks.

There are then two methods to change the content on such a device. You can either put it back online and change content as usual. This will resume billing and it will take two weeks before billing stops again.

The other method will be available with the next release: You can use the setup configuration editor on the website as usual and save it. On the device list you’ll then be able to select devices and export their assigned content as a ZIP file. Extract that to a USB stick and place it on a device and it will retrieve new content from the USB stick and apply the configuration you’ve made on the website. This will also resume billing for two weeks for those device.

The forever offline mode is really meant for devices that are very rarely updated.

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