Install extra applications on pi

Hi all, amazing software!
is it possible to run an executable on the pi itself?
i would like to install our meshcentral agent so i can remotely connect into the pi if anything happens
i understand the info-beamer has a web panel and a remote console tab
but at least with meshcentral i see all my devices and statuses of them in one place
all i need to do is download the executable and then run it
it needs to save a DB file next to where ever the executale is stored
what OS does the info-beamer use as its not debian/ubuntu/centos etc from what i can tell
i have SSH access to my pi currently, but when i try to wget to download the meshagent, it just keeps failing

Yes. See: Package services - info-beamer. This is a way to start a process in a predictable environment. If it’s a static binary (which meshcmd seems to be? Is that the thing you want to run?) that should be possible. You can store mostly-persistent data in the directory indicated by the $SCRATCH environment variable (see linked doc).

sorry, im not talking about running a process from within a package in info-beamer
im talking about running a binary directly on the pi itself with root access!
this is because i might change packages every so often,
so i would have to create new custom package to include the binary every time i wanted a new type of package!
im also talking about the meshagent not meshcmd GitHub - Ylianst/MeshAgent: MeshAgent used along with MeshCentral to remotely manage computers. Many variations of the background management agent are included as binaries in the MeshCentral project.
i can see on the pi over ssh that /STORAGE has all the free space, so is this folder writeable?

That’s not supported. Everything running on the Pi has to be represented by the configuration on the dashboard. Running binaries has to use the package service mechanism. Manual modifications make installations fragile and non-repeatable which isn’t something the info-beamer OS allows and you would lose a bunch of features like self-repair with that. info-beamer isn’t a general purpose OS and shouldn’t be treated as one.

Actually no. You can nest packages within setups. Similar to how the power saver package can be added to another top-level package.

Everything except the current working directory and what’s specified in $SCRATCH and $TMPDIR is off-limits and might disappear or change at any time.

OOOO i didnt know about the nest packages!
i will look into that as that would be perfect/ideal !
i understand the info-beamer is a non-standard OS, and did think this was the case,
but no harm in asking :slight_smile:
keep up the good work!
due to purchase credits this month as i have 1 pi running 24.7 as CCTV monitor
(handles 16 streams on pi 2 no problem haha)
but need another pi for testing haha

@infobeamer-fw so i got it working!
but i had to include a binary of CURL in arm-hf format because the built in wget just wont download files at all for some reason?

but user sets a url in settings of info-beamer web ui to where the to download the meshagent from
then the service script makes sure curl is executable
then downloads the meshagent from given url
then it makes sure its executable
then runs the connect command
and i can see the pi and control it over ssh!

would be interesting to find out WHY i cant use wget?
i just keep getting wget: error getting response: Connection reset by peer
even with a basic stand command wget -O test.html

Glad to hear.

Yeah. It doesn’t have TLS support, so no https.

aww thats a bummer! is the any chance of including tls support just for wget in the future?

Nope. Adding SSL to busybox (which implements “wget”) isn’t something that’s going to happen. Sorry.

Hey no worries!
The software is still amazing!
And I love to tinker including writing packages!