Install only shows colorful square image

When inserting a new SD card with infobeamer install files into pi400, it just displays the colorful image below after a few seconds, then nothing else happens.

It is a PNY 16GB card, formatted to FAT32 with 4096 block size in windows.

Have tested with 8 SD cards and multiple pi400s. The issue occurs on 4 of the SD cards, on the other 4 it installed OK.

Using this install version:

The most likely reason is that the firmware on the Pi could not fetch the required files from the SD for some reason. The square is the default unless disable_splash=1 is set in /config.txt. Info-beamer sets this, which suggests it’s not read during boot and everything falls apart.

Can you try setting up the SD card using the RPI imager tool? You can select info-beamer from “Freemium and paid-for OS / Digital signage OS / info-beamer” or use the .img.gz system file from

Thank you for the quick response. Unfortunately the same issue when using RPI imager. Tried to format using it first, writing, and verifying is confirming OK as well. Think I have to conclude this is a SD card issue, and that the PC reads it OK but not the pi.

Odd. If you happen to use a different card and that doesn’t work either, let me know.

Have installed 9 SD Cards today. 4 of them have this issue, the others work perfectly. Find it quite strange.

Does one of the working cards still work if you switch it to one of the Pis that had a non-working card? Maybe it’s different Pi hardware revisions that info-beamer is not aware of!?

Note that if you do this, the OS will reinitialize itself when inserted into a another device and you’ll have to readd the device to your account. No big deal, but good to know beforehand.

All cards tested on a single pi as well to eliminate the pi as the issue. 5 cards working, 4 not.


Ok. That really suggests that the cards are to blame. Thanks for confirming.