Is there any way to support 1080i?

Hi, Sorry for all of the questions!

I have another project that currently uses another signage product that I am looking to move to info-beamer but it feeds a TV modulator (DVB-T) which in turn feeds lots of TV screens around a stadium. The problem is that it currently uses 1080i50 resolution and I can’t see an option to select interlaced resolutions in the web interface. Is this possible?

Usually on a Pi I would just set hdmi_mode=20 in config.txt but I am a bit new to info-beamer.



I’m not sure if the Pi 4 (I assume) supports 1080i. If it does, at the moment it’s not possible to configure that resolution using the UI dropdown. But you can set it manually: Go to the device configuration editor, switch to the advanced tab there’s a textbox labeled “Custom Pi boot configuration”. You can add usual config.txt values like the hdmi_mode setting in there.