Looking for Digital menu Board

Hi I am looking for a digital Menu board package, which will allow me to make and publish food menu’s online on the fly. an example for is same is with https://screen.cloud/apps/digital-menu-board. Can someone help me with this package?

So far most customers simple manage those as static images as the prices are mostly static. A dynamic board with custom texts should be too hard to build though. What kind of features do you envision? A background image and a free number of text lines, each with a description, maybe subtitle and a price?

thanks for your quick response.
I am looking for below features:

  • Background

  • Grid for Menu Items

  • Grid layout for menu with images.
    Backend / Admin panel

  • Category & Sub Category

  • Menu Items and association to category & sub category

  • Enable and and disable for menu items as per availability.

  • Scheduling based on category.

let me know if its possible.