Mass Config Change

Is it possible to change the configuration of multiple devices at one time. For example - I have 12 Devices in one venue, and need to update wifi config on them all, or need to change the performance mode on all devices.

Not with the graphical UI. You can only change a single device at a time. I figured it might be useful to have an import button on that UI though: You could reconfigure one Pi, then head over to the next one and import the configuration of the first one. That way you wouldn’t have to manually edit settings. Would that help?

The alternative is using the API, but that that’s of course not very user friendly.

That could work.

Would it basically be like cloning the config to another device?

That’s correct. Should also not be too hard to add, thinking about it. Would that help?

Very much so. Thanks Florian.

Now available: In the device configuration editor there’s now two additional buttons:

Clicking on Revert reloads the current configuration from the device. Import config… opens a dialog to import a configuration from another running device:


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