Merging 2 setups

Hi team,

I would like to use both the Scheduler setup and power setup simultaneously, is it possible?
I have a digital menu which runs under scheduler setup and simultaneously I would like to run power schedule setup so the devices can be turned off automatically as per schedule under power setup.

You can only ever have a single setup installed on a device. But you can have multiple packages within a single setup. Most combinations make no sense and don’t work, but the power saver package is designed for exactly the use case you describe. Follow the Adding this package to your existing setups section of the linked package, to add the power saver package to your existing setup as a child package. Hope that helps.

thanks a lot.

be great it you could include multi able setups within a setup
ie we have 5 screens which have 5 different setups create, But the setup are made up of the sames screens
screen1 = Setup A, Setup B
Screen2 = Setup B, Setup C
screen 3 = Setup A, B and C
Screen 4 = Setup A,and C
Bit like a playlist but with a packages.


That’s not possible. A “setup” is something that is “currently running on a device”. You can’t have 2 things running at once. That would require some impossible magic that fuses two (or more?) different source codes and their logic together.

The info-beamer system doesn’t and can’t know what logic is currently running on a device, as everything that’s controls the output on a device isn’t provided by the info-beamer hosted system but by independent packages that use the info-beamer hosted system as their runtime. So the system can’t fuse two setups together because that would require it to understand their intention which is impossible.

What you can do is switch between multiple setups programmatically (or manually of course). Using the Update Device API you can assign a new setup_id to a device. If the old and new setup are based on the same package, the switch is usually smooth, so there is no sudden black screen while switching. Does that help?

Hi Florian
Thanks for your reply
How would you go about using the api so once it has finished SetupA it then moved to setupB, then back to SetupA?

The API call looks like this (using curl, if you use any other http request tool/library, you’d have to adapt the call):

curl -u :$API_KEY$DEVICE_ID -d "setup_id=$SETUP_ID"

with $API_KEY being the API key from your account page, $DEVICE_ID being the id of the device (you can get that from the url of your device config page or from the API) and $SETUP_ID being the new setup you want the device to switch to (get the id from the setup page url or the API).

As to when to switch: Similar issue. The info-beamer system can’t know if a setup has finished. There is no such status anywhere as a setup can do anything. But you could switch setups every 15 minutes for example.

If you want to programmatically merge setups and you can describe the logic of how to merge, you might take a look at this blog post. But that’s a bit more advanced.

I guess in the future, the schedule player package should have a built-in option of assigning its internal playlists to just some of the assigned devices and not all of them. I think that would solve your use case as you can then have everything in a single setup and control which playlists get scheduled on which devices.

Thanks if playlist could be like the content and not just images, that would work