Missing Lua documentation for util.running_text

Seems like the documentation [1] is missing the description for util.running_text or did I just miss it?

Also, “info-beamer -d userlib.lua” doesn’t work.

Thanks, 0x8

[1] https://info-beamer.com/doc/info-beamer

Correct. util.running_text isn’t documented. Main reason is that I honestly think the function isn’t that useful to justify documenting it. A more generic and non-bundled utility library for animations and tools like a scroller would be more useful. At least for animations something might be in the sdk at some point in the future.

Sometimes it might make more sense to build your own implementation for your use case. An example is the included scroller in the scheduled player package that also allows adding small images in addition to the text-only scroller in util.running_text.

That said: If you want to see how it’s implemented, use info-beamer -d userlib. That should show you the bundled userlib module source code.

Nice! Thank you. I could solve my point with customizing the separator char(s) by dumping the userlib.lua and modifying it directly. Might be another point on the list for a feature release to put the separator into the opt argument :upside_down_face::slightly_smiling_face: