Missing sync from reboot

I’m setting up a pair of sync’d videos which are in two different setups.
If they happen to get to the “Loading” screen at the same time, then they are synchronized. If one of them gets to the “Loading” screen late, then it waits for the next loop but starts about 0.1 second late. This is just enough to be noticeable. Is there a way to ensure that they always start sync’d?

This is probably due to desynced clocks. Be sure to activate P2P on all of your screens. Then have a look at the precision value on the device detail page.

That seems to have done it. Now they wait for each other and the timing is perfect.

Well, one set did. The other ones are 0.036 and 0.022 second precision. They were a little off on the first run, but now they are synchronized.