MJPEG streamer source code


where can I find the source code for https://info-beamer.com/raspberry-pi-digital-signage-mjpeg-stream-viewer-8464.html?

I would like to see if I can make it work with rtsp streams.

Oh. I think that’s not on github for some reason. I’ll push it there tomorrow.

But you won’t be having much success with rtsp streams, at least with how this package works: It just fetches new JPEG image from those typical MJPEG endless HTTP streams and then relies on the JPEG decoder of info-beamer being fast enough. The framerate is quite low.

For rtsp, you should probably use the normal video player and place multiple videos on the same screen. At least in theory. Having a lot of video objects at the same time tends to get unstable.

Okay, but still it would be nice starting point for a similar purpose package.

Does this look doable (omxplayer and screen)?

As for RTSP: you can probably use the scheduled player package and add four stream tiles.

Thanks, scheduled player works like a charm. Seven 640x480 streams. Takes a while to start all the streams, but then it just works.

Neat. 640x480 x 7 = 2150400 pixels to decode, which is slightly more than FullHD with 1920x1080 = 1973760. I’m still a bit surprised that seven decoders work without any problem. But here we go :slight_smile:

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