Multiple data sims for business use ( UK )

Hi everyone, we may need to use data sims with existing Huawei E5330 wifi routers to connect a large number of Pi Zero W’s at different locations to info-beamer.

It appears that wired ethernet isn’t available at these locations, and I’m working on the assumption that we are not able to use WiFi either.

The devices would be spread around maybe 100 or so locations around the UK, and so I’m looking at possible solutions for providing a large number of data sims from a UK mobile operator.

I know that EE have data sharing on their business plans, which would be great for pooling the data allowance, but even their cheapest data sim only deal is around £11 per month for 2GB of data.

At this moment in time, it’s difficult to say how much data will be required at each location, and I had considered enabling loading assets from USB to provide the initial content to the Pi’s and save on data usage.

This obviously wouldn’t help for future content updates though, as the devices will be at remote locations.

If anyone has experience is deploying large numbers of data sims in the UK and could provide any help that would be great :slight_smile:

No experience whatsoever, but I think the keyword here is M2M. Unfortunately most offers seem to be hidden behind “contact sales” forms.

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Interesting, that’s not a term I’ve heard before, and yes EE do M2M sims.

I’ll have to enquire and see what they say.

Thanks for your help.

Hi Johnnie,
Looks like the solution am intending to build is identical to yours, in terms of functionality. I keep hitting your name for all the questions I have.

How have you attached the SIM cards to the Pi? what options are available?
would be great to connect and understand.

Hi prakasharul, luckily we have been able to use wifi at the locations that the devices are installed at.

I did have to use a 4g wifi router for one device, the Pi zero w just connects to the wifi network created by the adapter.

We are looking at possibly using a similar device, but one that also has an ethernet socket, and then using a mesh wifi system to repeat the 4g data connection via wifi to multiple Pi Zero W’s in a building to reduce the cost of operation.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: