Multiple rtsp streams

Hi All,
i wondered if anybody has gotten working multiple RTSP streams on a single device?
i have managed to get a single RTSP stream working with Video Wall Image/Video Player Package
but my idea is to show multiple streams at the same time on a single screen (different cctv cameras)
im only looking at like 4 streams at most in a 2x2 plan

You might try your luck with the scheduled player package. It has the option to show stream if they have a direct Url video source (unlike YouTube which requires parsing its HTML/JS).

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OMG THANK YOU! works perfectly with rtsp urls and auth too!
i might create my own package as the scheduler package is very complex with extra stuff thats not needed like the twitter, scroller, weather, etc
might called it CCTVStream :slight_smile:

You can probably use GitHub - info-beamer/package-stream-test: Test experimental video streaming feature as an example. Alternatively, have a look at GitHub - info-beamer/package-mjpeg-viewer: A mjpeg viewer for info-beamer hosted for a package that shows MJPEG streams.

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