Multiple screens with video livestream

We’re hoping to provide the LED screen for advertising at an outdoor event in the coming weeks.

I’ve been told that we need to display a live stream ( from a video camera ) + other content onto our screen, and also have this displayed on other screens at the same time.

Now we have successfully done livestreaming from an HDMI input, although it looks like we will need a wireless transmitter from the video camera to the HDMI encoder, but if we are to send the HDMI output of the Pi to multiple ‘clients’ which are also large outdoor LED screens, then I’m guessing that the best way would be to use an HDMI splitter from the Pi, and then distribute this signal wired/wirelessly to the other clients.

Having looked at wireless HDMI transmitters/receivers I’ve realised that these are very expensive, and so having an HDMI wifi receiver and HDMI encoder for each LED screen would be very costly.

The other option would be to use multiple Pi’s running info-beamer, one for each LED screen, running the same setup, but with a single HDMI wifi receiver and HDMI encoder.

Unfortunately, with the rtp live streaming I don’t think it will be possible to create a normal wifi network and send the stream to multiple Pi’s due to packet loss of the video stream?

If, however, it’s possible to run ethernet cables between the Pi’s and HDMI encoder, then surely we can just install the same setup on all Pi’s and they can all receive the rtp stream from the single HDMI encoder?

Hope this makes sense!

If you’re using RTP multicast, so the target IP from your HDMI->H264 encoder looks like 224.x.x.x to 239.x.x.x.x, then yes: You can send such a video signal to any number of Pis without duplicate bandwidth requirements. The magic of multicast.

Although I don’t think that works for WiFi, but I might be wrong. Ethernet is highly recommended as any kind of packet loss is immediately visible.