Network connection lost when updating to latest stable release

I have two RP1 1B Rev2 running the latest testing release.
Whenever I install the Update to the latest stable release via Dashboard or create a new SD with the latest stable release they loose their Ethernet connection. Sometimes the link comes online very briefly, but not enough to get an IP from DHCP or establish any connection.
Are these old models still supported?

They should work. Every release is tested on an old Pi 1 as well. How do you figure their connect is lost? What does the welcome screen show? Or do they run successful using testing? I assume that’s an older version? Which one?

That’s what I thought.

Today I wrote the same image (220629-7a3328 stable, customized) again to both SD-Cards.
One worked fine, the other one failed again.

It’s switching between
<no ip> (Ethernet, b8:27:eb:...) and <no ip> (Ethernet, None) and fails with Could not connect to backend
After a power reset it started normal and started the slideshow but lost its network connection again after a few minutes (offline in dashoard, no ping but switchport still up).

Currently they are both running as intended. I will keep an eye on them before putting them up at the foyer.

Ever heard of such a case? Could it be a hardware issue? the RPis are old but weren’t used much.

Can you check if the power supply is sufficient? I see the following in the logs:

ERROR::dwc_otg_hcd_urb_enqueue:501: Not connected

I think this might indicate the USB lost power for some reason and the Ethernet is connected via internal USB on the Pi.

Good point! I didn’t know that.

One of the power supplies is most certainly too weak with only 200mA, the other one should be OK with 2A but I don’t know how much it actually delivers as it is a Huawei Phone Charger and might require some Huawei compatible hardware at the other end (it doesn’t charge my Pixel Phone at all)
In fact I tried swapping all cables, power supplies and switch ports between the two RPi without much effect.

Anyway we will order some proper ps before going productive.

:open_mouth: I’m surprised you got that far. I would suggest using the official power supply. I’m somewhat confident that this will fix the issue.

The USB power issue should also have ended up producing a dashboard message regarding a power problem, but I guess due to the device being offline that never got through.

Actually I did get that warning, but only once and like you guessed, only for that one successful attempt.
Though I never saw that warning with the testing image.

Thank you very much for the assistance!
Makes me like info-beamer even more :smiley:

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