Network Tunnel OSS

I am looking for an older open source project whose name I cannot remember.
With this software, I was able to build network tunnels over unreliable internet connections and route like local.

Maybe somebody can help.

BTW: I’m aware of ngrok, pagekite et al. And i know how to use a vpn and ssh :slight_smile:

Maybe zerotier? It creates a local network interface and transparently routes traffic to other hosts within the same virtual network.

YES! Thank you so much! You made my day!

There is actually an unreleased and largely untested zerotier package for info-beamer. Assign that to a device, provide the network id using the info-beamer setup configuration. Then add that device in the zerotier dashboard and the device will join the network. I’m not entirely sure about potential licensing issues, so the package isn’t available at the moment.

Nevermind, forgot the package is actually pushed to github, but is not linked or promoted anywhere at the moment.:

As I said, it’s not tested and not an official feature. But feel free to toy around with it.

Thanks for the update. I’ll try it out.