New Device Setup - No Code but waiting for content

Hi. We are using multiple devices for one installer setup but when I try to add another at a different location in my building, it will id “waiting for content” as opposed to providing a code to sync the new device setup. I’m using a Pi2+ and simply scrolling a 3 min video from the asset manager. Have changed the card and cables and verified network function outside of the pi…where to next please?

This is almost always due to a non-working internet connection. Do you see an IP address in the bottom right corner? What color do the 4 icons in the bottom right corner have? Gray or green? How is the device configured? WiFi?

Thanks. I do have an IP address and the icons are grey. It has been configured through the R-pi site using the info-beamer setup file. The network works if I bypass the pi and I can see the info-beamer screen looking for content - but it’s just not allowing me to add a code for device setup.

You didn’t specify what kind of connection you’re using, so I assume WiFi. If the icons are gray, something is misconfigured. Try removing the /config/wireless file from the SD card and connect an Ethernet cable. If that works, you can switch back to WiFi from the dashboard.

Sorry, no. It is hard wired with a blue ethernet cable. When it loads, I see the setup script and then
loading…All syncer threads started…connecting to backend…could not connect to backend.

Contacting my IT friend…any other suggestions please? I have reformatted micro sd cards, replaced them and reloaded several items as well.

Does the LED next to the Ethernet port light up? Does it say <no ip> on the bottom right corner of the screen? What’s the Ethernet cable connected to on the other side?

There is currently no indicator light although there is upon start up. It still says its connected, providing an IP address in the bottom right corner with gray icons and Info-beamer screen still looking content. I updated the TV just in case and set the TV to the HDMI input. The ethernet cable is connected from the Pi to the ethernet port on the wall.

If the icons don’t turn green, something is wrong with the internet connectivity provided by your network. Maybe a firewall or captive portal is messing things up. You can see the condition each icon indicates at Installing info-beamer hosted on a Raspberry Pi - info-beamer.

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