New `touch player` package

I’ve just release a touch navigation content player. It plays videos and images and allow you to link between those using touch areas. It uses a custom configuration page to create an (hopefully) easy-to-use interface for creating content and interlinking it.

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Here’s a UI screenshot that shows the basic idea:

This is the “Cat” page. Using the Set page asset the image was chosen from the available assets. The asset will be shown fullscreen.

The preview screen show how that will look on the device. Additionally it als shows all defined touch areas using different colors. Right now only a single area is defined. At the bottom you can see all the different links leading to other pages. There’s two different types: Timeout and Touch events. A timeout link basically triggers once a defined time passed without any user action. This allows you to create looping content. The other type is touch and you can just draw a rectangle on the preview screen to create a new link.

For each link you can set a transition effect as well as the link target. You can either link to other pages or use special targets like “back” which navigates to the previous page when a user touches the link. If you want to link to a new page, just select the “Create new page…” option from the target dropdown.

Clicking on either the small page preview image in the links or on touch areas on the preview screen allows you to navigate between pages. This allows you to easily check if everything works as expected.

I’ve tested the touch with the CM3 panel. Other devices should work as well. Feedback or pull requests welcome. The source code is available is on github.


That’s brilliant :slight_smile:

My first thought is could this be combined with displaying other content on the screen, for example, the food ordering touch screens at McDonalds, they have looping content that plays until someone touches the screen, and then the touchscreen is used to display the food ordering system.

Also, for displays in estate agents, where there are adverts or featured properties displayed on a loop, until the screen is touched and they can then browse through listed properties.

To be able to combine the power and flexibility of info-beamer for scheduling/displaying content, and then use the same screen for another use would be great.

This package is now officially available on the info-beamer store.

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