NFT art display using info-beamer

Has anyone discussed auto playing NFT’s from a collection using Info-beamer?
I am investigating meural video panels (linked to async platform).

I think would be a great use for it?
I am a noobie here so forgive me if already posted.


info-beamer will never provide official NFT support for ethical reasons[1]. Of course for most NFTs you can always right-click and save your art then upload it to info-beamer like any other image. After all it’s just JPEGs with an expensive receipt. You can also use the info-beamer API to automated this process, at least when the other side has an API as well. It seems you might use the “email signature export” method linked in their help section to get the current state of what you bought.

[1] The NFT/blockchain eco system is riddled with scammers, fraudsters, get-rich-quick schemers, thieves and money launderers. All while still mostly operating on a database that burns down our planet.


Completely agree with your stance. I am interested in carbon neutral Tezos NFT Marketplaces. I am also using a verification system for artists.

Without getting into the politics, as a professional artist (painter) for 30 years, there is an advantage of NFT like contracts in terms of royalties in secondary markets, ie finally being paid.

It would make platforms like Tezos , that are trying to do the right thing, more appealing compared the Eth based ones if Info-beamer would support them.

Thank you for all your work and incredible skills.

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There is nothing inherently preventing anyone from showing their art on info-beamer. All that NFT supposedly add to that is purchase receipt and “ownership” handling. The process of uploading JPGs/PNGs to show them on screens is in no way affected by that and anyone can use the info-beamer API to automated this aspect, provided the platform one uses to mange their art isn’t locking that art in with no way to programmatically access it. If it doesn’t allow that, one properly doesn’t really own what was purchased in the first place and no amount of technobabble or whitepapers changes that.

I’m sad that there aren’t a more prominent and sane alternatives (like patreon) for making it easier to support creators or artists that has the same reach without all the otherwise overwhelmingly negative consequences mentioned before. Given those, info-beamer will not participate or legitimize anything related to NFTs or blockchains as it corrupts the industry I otherwise love to be in.

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