No Configuration WiFi Access Points

Hi Everyone, I’m looking for a WiFi Access Point that can be plugged into any router/switch via ethernet and provide a WiFi Access point to the network.

Obviously such devices exist, but I’m looking for one that wouldn’t require any configuration or setup, as I’d like to configure a Pi Zero W to connect to the Access Point’s SSID/Password, and then be able to just send the Pi and the Access Point out to the customer and for it to just work without any configuration.

I was looking at something like this, as it’s cheap and even allows for POE if required, I may just buy one and try it.

Any ideas?

I have found that after testing, the TP Link WA801ND works ‘out of the box’ with no configuration required, so once the Pi is configured with the SSID/Password, I connected an ethernet cable from the AP to our office LAN worked and it worked instantly. without needing to access/edit settings via the AP’s management page ( although obviously changed the default admin password )

The access point has what is described as ‘Smart IP’ to get it’s IP from the DHCP server which is enabled by default.

Not sure how different this is from any other Access Point to be honest.

The POE is great, and will make placement of the Access point easier.

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