Node.json options type 'password'

Hello there,

is it possible to add a password option type? Behaviour and appearence should be like HTML . While writing this, i think i can get this somehow working with a custom configuration interface!? I will give it try and report the outcome. However it would still be nice to have the option for a password type to work without custom configuration UI.

Jan Henrik

Custom interface would work, but feels like overkill. Adding an additional option to the text widget isn’t too difficult. Note that except for hiding the text, a password field would not add any security at all. The value of the field is still returned in API calls.

There is now an optional ui_type value for string options that can be set to "password". If set, the string value will not be a normal text field but show a password field with reveal button next to it:

  "title": "Some secret value",
  "ui_width": 4,
  "name": "secret",
  "type": "string",
  "ui_type": "password",
  "default": ""
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