Node.make_nested to organize assets for a touch screen

I’ve started implementing a fairly big project: it involves a touch screen and browsing of a couple of sections, one of which contains a few dozens of technical catalogues.
These catalogues are in PDF and we have translated them to Jpegs obviously.
To have a manageable project each catalog sits in its separate subdir, and then using node.make_nested and GLOBAL_CONTENT we parse the arrays and allow the browsing.

Each catalog is between 30 and 40 pages of full HD pages.
We are using make_nested like described in this snippet in the doc:

  • You can ignore all additional benefits and just use this feature to put assets of your node in their own subdirectories.

Do any of you see any performance issues with this approach? For example, we could completely ignore the watch on the subdirectories, since all the content is preloaded upfront and won’t change, not in the sub directories. But I don’t see how and don’t know if this could improve anything.


PS if anyone is interested in touch / mouse in info-beamer, start from the excellent touch experiments from @infobeamer-fw and see also this topic in this forum USB Mouse support

There won’t be any performance issue with that. Performance-wise it won’t really make a difference whether or not you use node.make_nested: info-beamer will watch all sub directories anyway. The only effect of enabling node.make_nested is that detected changes will also be communicated to the parent node.

Organizing the individual catalogs in child directories sounds like a sensible thing to do in your use case.

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