On which linux system is infobeamer based?

On which linux system is the infobeamer insatllation based? And is it possible to install other services/packages from external sources along the infobeamer system?

For example
We would like to integrate grafana in all our pi’s so we can monitor them centralized on the dashboard from anywhere.

The only mechanism is through package services. There’s no other mechanism to install third-party programs. You could probably install some kind of metric collector that way. What kind of metrics do you intend to collect?

Cpu usage, Pi temperature, gpu usage, gpu temperature, online/offline status, live running services, … So we would like to monitor a lot. but to do that we have to install the grafana service on the pi.

Isn’t grafana only the user-side querying and dashboard part? What server side collector are you trying to use? Which device-side agent? And again: There’s no other mechanism other than deploying that as a package service that you’ll have to put together.

Grafana is just a part of it, we’ll also use elasticsearch and telegraf. But still there is no possibillity to add a service along the infobeamer OS? Only as a package? And would it be possible to use these third party services in a package?

Yes. Only as a package. It is the only way. The answer won’t change. See my previous response. Please read the linked documenation page for how that works. Judging by the content of the telegraf arm distribution, wrapping that in form of a package service shouldn’t be too difficult as it’s a single statically linked binary.