Overlapping shedule

I’m using the Scheduled player plugin and I would like to have different schedule with some overlapping.
For example in a store there is a standard playlist that runs 24/7 and for a specific time span the customer need to view just 1 video.
I’ve tried adding a new page specifying that it needs to run only in in that time span and I’ve put this page on top, but it keeps playing the first page that already was in the setup.
Is there a way to achieve what I need?

Not sure I understand your request. Is it overlapping or exclusively playing just one video at a certain time?

If you want a 24/7 playlist and additionally a video that plays only during a selected time span, you must create two playlists within the single setup: One with an “Always schedule” schedule (so it always plays) which includes the 24/7 playlist. Then you need another playlist with the time span to restrict it and add the video as its only page.

During the time span you’ll then see the 24/7 playlist mixed with the single video.

I need a 24/7 playlist and only a second playlist during a specific time span, not mixed with the 24/7 one.