Overwrite Power Saver by turning the screen on


I have a pretty basic setup, a Reception Screen with Power Saver to turn the display on at 08:00 and off at 18:00. The setup is being used in a healthcare waiting room that is used by multiple practices.

On incidental basis, the waiting room will be used after 18:00, but not on set days. Employees turn the screen on, thinking that it will resume the video, but the package not only turns off the screen, but also disables the video stream.

It would be nice if the Power Saver schedule could be setup to leave the video stream running, and only turn off the screen. Or be overwritten by simply turning the screen on, the package could detect that the HDMI was turned on and enable the video stream as a result.

The “sleeping” is handled by the controlling service on the device, not the installed package. Right now using the stable OS release there’s only the option to disable any CEC commands when sleeping, but there isn’t a way to stop it from disabling the HDMI signal itself.

I’ve added this feature to testing. First add the empty file /config/no-hdmi-standby to the SD card. Then go to the device page > Manage > Activate testing channel > confirm. The device will download testing, install it and then reboot. This might take a minute or two. Once that’s one, the device will only use CEC to shut off the display, but keep the HDMI signal and info-beamer running. If you then manually turn on the display again, your content should run.

That is amazing! Can I add the file trough the remote terminal? I’ve installed the pi in a ‘hard-ish to reach’ location :slight_smile:

You can, although in general doing so isn’t really recommended as you can obviously damage the installation that way. All settings are in /sd/config, which is readonly mounted. There’s a remount command in the shell history. Then just touch /sd/config/no-hdmi-standby and reboot.

The proper way to change device configuration is to use the API. That way the changed configuration is tested first (see doc) and rolled back in case the device becomes unreachable. In this case the following curl call should do it:

curl -u:${API_KEY} https://info-beamer.com/api/v1/device/${DEVICE_ID}/config \
     -d 'config={"no-hdmi-standby":""}'

I’m running the device from the testing channel and can report that the change is working as expected. Great work!