Package HD Player - Pi runtime error


We are trying to run the HD Player (non-hosted) on a Raspi4 2G device. I think I followed install instructions correctly for using the package. We dropped a couple .mp4 files into the directory and ran the mkconfig script. Here is the contents of the config.json file created.

  "playlist": [
      "duration": 20.02,
      "file": {
        "asset_name": "1.mp4",
        "type": "video"
      "duration": 44.767,
      "file": {
        "asset_name": "2.mp4",
        "type": "video"
  "audio": true,
  "kenburns": false,
  "synced": false,
  "rotation": 0,
  "switch_time": 0

We then ran the package and it looked like info-beamer started up just fine but then this error below and then the console spun out of control. Like it wasn’t waiting while the videos played. It filled the monitor in a second. Are we missing something ? Thanks for your help and your wonderful product and documentation. -Jason

[player] runtime error: player/node.lua:501: bad argument #1 to 'create' (function expected, got nil)
stack traceback:
	[C]: in function 'create'
	player/node.lua:501: in function 'enqueue'
	player/node.lua:602: in function 'tick'
	player/node.lua:638: in function <player/node.lua:634>
	bundled userlib.lua:761: in function <bundled userlib.lua:757>
	kernel: in function 'run_in_sandbox'

Ay. That’s a bug in the mkconfig as info-beamer’s Lua code now uses each assets metadata field to detect whether or not the video is H264 or HEVC. The mkconfig code hasn’t been updated accordingly. I’ve fixed the issue in this commit. If you update and run mkconfig again, it should work. Note that videos are assumed to be H264 encoded.

That did it… Thank you.