Packages will now show if they support offline mode

Package offline support

The offline mode is really around the corner now and packages can now express if they support running in an offline environment. The package.json file now has a new optional offline section that allows packages to express how they behave when offline. The three possible values are:

  • Yes: The package fully works when offline
  • Maybe: It works in specific cases like for example when not using synced playback in the HD player package.
  • No: The package will not work in an offline environment.

This value is now also available in all API calls related to package information as the Package Info Object response has been extended by a new offline section.

The values are now used on the device detail page in the offline support info section. Clicking on the Package link will bring you to the package’s documentation for more information.

Some packages have already been updated. Once offline support gets officially announced, almost all of them should properly document if they support running offline.

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