Partly display TV stream

Hello All,

We got a client with multiple restaurants who wants to display important sport matches with additional some news / information

something like this layout (or main TV stream in 1 corner)

While at the same time have the option for full-screen news / information displey when nothing important is to be displayed.

Does anyone have experience with this ??

There is a package like that I’ve built for another client. I can see if that could be made available as open source.


I have created a very similar setup, using the scheduled player package and an external HDMI encoder ( TBS2603 )

Just place your content where you want it using the scheduled player page layout options, and then add the stream ‘asset’ to the page with the RTP url of the stream generated by the HDMI encoder, in a position where you want the stream to be displayed.

The only ‘issue’ I can see is that the HDMI encoder we use has a ‘fallback’ image of a black ‘video lost’ screen when the devices are connected but no content is actually being fed into the HDMI input of the encoder, although you could create a separate playlist and schedule the times when you would want the TV stream to be displayed onto the screen.

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